Welcome to Enoch Tin Factory

Dongguan - Enoch Manufactory Ltd

Enoch Manufactory Ltd is a metal tin box manufacturer in Hong Kong. Since 2003 we have been producing packaging tin boxes for our customers in different industries around the world, covering toys,  confectioneries, tea leaves, watches, promotional products etc.

Our new mission from 2017 is to work hard and sell very nice quality tin boxes at very low prices.   It is not contradiction.  We can do this.  Because we are real tin manufacturer.

 As we are experienced, we deeply know the regulation of EC.  So all our products are complied with the EN71, part 3  and the US FDA requirement.

 Being very interested in printing ,  we have developed  practical skills of  how to print tin plates more brilliant.  This is our strength.

 Please come to contact us.  You must feel satisfactory with our products , services and  prices.


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