Welcome to Enoch Tin Factory

Dongguan - Enoch Manufactory Ltd
There are many different ways to print your design : 

 1. 4C on white background + shiny finish
 2. 4C on white background + matted finish
 3. 4C on white background + partly shiny partly matted finish
 4. 1-3 above on metallic background
 5. 4C + special colors
 6.  any laser effect 
 7.  any glow in dark effect  
  8.  any epoxy effect 
  9.  any embossing effect  

Please let us know your desired size of tin box, we would provide the template for your design.  
Our artist would put your design onto the template and show you the effect within 1-2 days.

For color proof printing, we can print 1-2 or even 3 different effects for your selection.

All above can be finished within a couple of days.

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